Trikalinos Avgotaraho PSYCHE

Trikalinos Psyche
What is this?

Natural, preservative-free product with high nutritional value. The careful and mild process of maturing the roe reveals a juicy and creamy core, the very «psyche» of the fish roe itself.

What makes Trikalinos Avgotaraho PSYCHE so special?

This delicacy has a velvety texture and subtle, but long lasting finish. From beginning to the very end, the palate is being occupied by the mighty taste of iodine. The pure and unadulterated ocean drops – sea urchin and algae- melds with the bittersweet notes of ripe grapefruit and a botanical minerality reflecting flavors of the seabed flora.

The creamy texture gives a persistent umami aftertaste to the product that will be a distinctive reminder of this deep dive into the ocean!

Why is it good for health?

Already published in the reputable Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Research indicates that Trikalinos Avgotaraho is a food of high nutrition value, providing significant amounts of protein, fatty acids and vitamins. It has a healthy lipid profile in terms of omega-3/omega-6 ratio, while the antiplatelet reactivity of its oil indicates a putative antithrombotic potential, which was verified in collaboration with the Greek Pasteur Institute, in animal experimental model.

Usage Tips

Do not cook it. Enjoy it on toasted brioche or any kind of bread. Perfectly accompanies all seafood, legumes, eggs, pasta and rice recipes. It will elevate the butter and raw shellfish appetizers. Alluring when paired with champagne, dry and mineral white wine, vodka and whiskey.



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