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Trikalinos, continuing the self-improvement and development progress of its products and production processes, collaborates with University and Independent Research Institutions and private sector companies and participates in National and European Research & Development Programs. The uninterrupted utilization of knowledge, the power of cooperation of scientists and institutions to remain faithful to its vision and mission, […]

Zafiris Trikalinos, current Chairman of Trikalinos Company – a powerful mind with forward thinking- took his own, personal step forward, by investing into the opening up of the new prospects that the traditional grey mullet bottarga production, was offering.  Realizing pretty soon that the application of a series of innovations into the production of bottarga […]

Since 1856, Trikalinos family has been involved in the production of bottarga in Greece. Evolving the traditional methods and utilizing the best of its family’s experience, Zafiris Trikalinos re- invented the bottarga, by applying innovations through all the different stages of Trikalinos production procedure.  As a result of his innovation and creativity, the Trikalinos Avgotaraho […]