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Since 1856, Trikalinos Family has produced and sold Grey Mullet Bottarga Known in Greece as Avgotaraho. Today, in keeping with tradition and a vision for tomorrow, Trikalinos Company innovates, continuing to produce superior quality products of high nutritional value, which have been awarded internationally for their unique quality characteristics and are among the Dream Team of the finest Delicatessen products worldwide.

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«This bottarga, it is rather evident that it is the best. Cut into slices, it is eaten as a soft and fruity treat. It’s because Zafiris Trikalinos knows all about iodine. Through relentless attention to his product, he has succeeded in seducing a gastronomic elite all over the World»

Rallis Alexandre Founder of Profil Grec


«The Trikalinos Bottarga is a unique product of its kind; It is not comparable to any other Bottarga, and its use is not destined to make spaghetti …or, rather, you can also do it, but you will feel guilty!»

Roberto Di Pinto Chef Patron of Sine Restaurant


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