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Trikalinos, continuing the self-improvement and development progress of its products and production processes, collaborates with University and Independent Research Institutions and private sector companies and participates in National and European Research & Development Programs. The uninterrupted utilization of knowledge, the power of cooperation of scientists and institutions to remain faithful to its vision and mission, […]

What is this? Natural, preservative-free product with high nutritional value. The careful and mild process of maturing the roe reveals a juicy and creamy core, the very «psyche» of the fish roe itself. What makes Trikalinos Avgotaraho PSYCHE so special? This delicacy has a velvety texture and subtle, but long lasting finish. From beginning to […]

INGREDIENTS (serves 4) 4 crispy rice-bread slice 60 ml of Greek strained yogurt 20 ml of cream cheese 2 pinches of Trikalinos Bottarga Powder the zest of 1/4 of a lime 20 mustard sprouts 10 thinly sliced spring onion rings 20 pomegranate seeds 15 g of Trikalinos PSYCHE PREPARATION Whisk for a couple of minutes […]

INGREDIENTS (serves 4) 1 ½ cup of carnaroli rice 1 medium scallion, chopped 4-5 cups of vegetable broth (made of celery, carrot, onion, bay leaf, pepper, and olive oil) 1/2 a cup of dry white wine 3 spoonfuls of Olive oil Salt and black pepper, to season 2 spoonfuls of butter 30g of bottarga powder 20g […]

Allures your palate and stretches back and forth, to return with persistence - like a wave whisper on the shore.… In Mythology, «Psyche=ΨΥΧΗ» is evidently the human soul, which is purified by passions and misfortunes, and is thus prepared for the enjoyment of true and pure happiness.Σαγηνεύει τον ουρανίσκο σας και υποχωρεί, για να επιστρέψει με επιμονή – Όπως ο ψίθυρος των κυμάτω

From shallow waters of the salt pans in Etoliko Lagoon. Created with million years experience, by Nature. Kissed by the gentle sea breeze that runs the surface of Salinas. Evaporated by the tireless Greek sun… …we proudly present you Τrikalinos SEA SALTΑπό τα ρηχά νερά των αλυκών της Λιμνοθάλασσας Αιτωλικού. Δημιουργείται με εμπειρία χιλιετιών, από τη Φύση. Με τα φιλι