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Prevenance, Tokyo


Hiroki Shizukai in spite of being just at his 41 years has already a track record of 23 years of cooking, a Michelin star and is “The Prevenance” Tokyo Restaurant’s Proprietor-Head Chef for 2.5 years.


Enchanted by the French cuisine style, knowhow and its methods he became a great supporter and a real French Culinary Ambassador.

Nature is always his textbook. Studying the natural life of the ingredients he uses at their birth place, he gets all the inspiration he needs by watching them, finding the links between them, breathing their energy and then interprets the way nature operates and creates dialogues between species, through his fine cooking.


The connection between the producer and his product, the exploring of producers’ processes and the sharing of his passion and vision, so that the making of each recipe will be a harmonic pairing of all its contributors and components for Prevenance’s customer sake, is something that he successfully practices, turning each dine at Prevenance into an unforgettable experience.



The living proofs of his cooking philosophy is his artful dish of white asparagus, calamari fish, edible flowers and Trikalinos Bottarga, as well as the umami recipe that pairs Japanese sansei (wild greens), cepes, yuzu zest and extra virgin olive oil with Trikalinos Bottarga Powder.

His 3 favorite ingredients to cook with are foie gras, Japanese Sansho pepper and Trikalinos’s karasumi powder.