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Rouge Tomate, Brussels

Rouge Tomate in Brussels boasts the exceptional setting of a townhouse dating from 1883, located on the prestigious Avenue Louise. It is an urban retreat, where you can slow down in a warm and energizing atmosphere that emanates from the interior design.

The creative and sophisticated approach of contemporary culinary art of Rouge Tomate, is being performed by Alex Joseph, the Head Chef of the restaurant.

Viewing from the left side of the picture Chef Michel Borsey, Director Thierry Naoum and Head Chef Alex Josef, the precious staff of Rouge Tomate Restaurant.

Alex is a young and promising Chef with a 13 year cooking experience. And though this is his debute as the leader of a cooking team in a restaurant, he has been a member of Rouge Tomate’s brigade since 2008, when he initially was the Sous Chef.

Having the chance to discuss with Alex we realized that there is a centuries old wisdom under his young and vivid spirit, creating the kind of alignment that all great artists have.

Alex’s four best ingredients
“Salmon, lobster, beef and risotto  are four of the ingredients that I prefer the most”.

His cooking philosophy, concentrated in a single sentence:
“Always use the best products and leave them to tell you their own story”.

Why should someone dine at Rouge Tomate?
“To experience the healthy side of food in a highly gastronomic way of cooking and to enjoyTrikalinos Bottarga, of course!”

In Rouge Tomate you will have the chance to discover new gastronomic fields by tasting Chef Josef’s signature Risotto of courgette with lavender, aged parmesan, micro herbs and Trikalinos bottarga .