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Salad with pineapple and Trikalinos Bottarga

Cucumber Cream
1 piece of cucumber with skin, but seedless
100 gr. of yoghurt ( 0-2 % fat ) 10 mint leaves
1 medium pineapple, cut in 1 cm slices
1 teaspoon of bottarga powder
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper

Horseradish Cream
30g . of horseradish
10 sprigs of chives
10 leaves of fresh coriander
1 small handful of mixed green leaf salad (endives, lolo green, purslane, watercress, mustard leaves)
4-5 thin slices of bottarga, for every serving
1 tbsp of olive oil


In a blender mix the yogurt, mint, cucumber, salt and pepper and place in the fridge to cool.

Dip the slices of pineapple in oil, season with salt and pepper and sauté in the pan. Add the bottarga powder, cut into cubes and place in the fridge, as well .

Grind in a mixer the horseradish along with chives, coriander and a tablespoon of olive oil and place in the fridge.

Mix lightly the salad leaves with a tbsp of each one of the two different creams and place them scattered on a dish. Add sequentially (and with random order ) 4 -5 pineapple dices, 2 tsp. of cucumber cream, 2 tsp. of horseradish cream, the bottarga slices and a few drops of olive oil . Repeat for the remaining 9 portions.

Optional addition: top each dish with 2-3 geranium blossoms.