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Recommendations for the Perfect Match

Enjoy Trikalinos Grey Mullet Bottarga accompanied by:


Sauvignon Blancs from the Loire Valley in central France (“Sancere” Appelation of Origin as well as the mineral and “smoked” wines from the “Pouilly Fume” Appelation of Origin).

The Riesling wines from Alsace, Austria, Australia and Germany. Totally dry, full-bodied and of good acidity are recommended a) Austrian Rieslings are of the “Smaragd” grade from the Wachau Valley in the Danube river area. b) German Rieslings from the Pfalz region.

Chablis wines, from the homonymous region of Burgundy. Wines of the Premier Cru level aged at least five years after their vintage, are recommended.

“Savennieres” Appelation of Origin wines, from the Loire Valley in France, specially from the Chenin Blanc grape variety. Excellent Chenin Blanc wines are also produced in South Africa.

The “manzanilla” type of sherry wines, from the town of Sanlucar de Barameda in Southern Andalucia (Spain). They have wonderful aromas and flavours of salt, sea weed and iodine.

Santorini’s island Assyrtiko white wine. Santorini’s volcanic soils have such characteristics that a Santorini white wine is in its youth similar to a young Chablis or/and Chenin Blanc, whereas after some ageing it takes a Riesling style character.


Preferably a single malt or smoked whiskey. The japanese whiskey’s make a perfect match as well as those from from Islay Island.


Prefer a variety with high percentage of pinot noir.


Grappa and Sake (warm or cold), accompany wonderfully the game between the oily bottarga character along with the notes of lime and iodine, flattering and highlighting the “drop of the sea” that lies at the core of Trikalinos Bottarga.