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Discover the secret ingredient of Chefs, that use it to show off the hidden taste on every sweet or savory creation!

The Natural Sea Salt has undergone the fewest possible treatments and contains no additives or improvers . Obtained by gentle procedures through natural solar evaporation of the water in salt pans, allowing crystals to form and to capture unaltered minerals and trace elements.

Natural sea salt has the necessary sodium content, as well as more than 80 minerals and trace elements which are essential to our system in order to properly function.

The daily use:

  • helps considerably in the absorption of nutrients from the small intestinal mucosa,
  • balances blood sugar levels,
  • protects brain cells,
  • has antiallergic activity,
  • protects from muscular system’s cramps,
  • strengthens bones,
  • enhances the libido.

And most importantly, natural sea salt regulates blood pressure and does not cause fluid retention.

It can be used both in cooking, as well as a finishing salt for any dish, as it quickly and evenly dissolves into foods during cooking and melds harmonically with other flavors.

Trikalinos Sea Salt: Elevates the taste!