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What is this?

A premium quality delicacy of boneless and skinned Greek Sardine (Sardela) filets, marinated in the best fresh Mediterranean ingredients.

What makes Trikalinos Sardine Fillets so special?

  • The absence of preservatives, additives and any chemical processing.
  • The best fresh ingredients of the marinade, keep the product delicious throughout its shelf life.


An excellent snack for ouzo, raki and vodka accompaniment. Ideal when being part of the composition in a salad, pasta, pizza or seafood sauce.

Usage Tips

In order to preserve fresh and tasty, the fish fillets should be covered by the marinade and the lid must remain tightly closed. Store in a refrigerator at + 4 ˚ C.

 Product specifications

Packaging Weight Shelf life Storage
Glass jar Net weight 200g
Drained weight 125g
6 months In a refrigerator + 4 ˚C