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Schwa, Chicago

Schwa Restaurant, is part of a new movement; a community of chefs who work collaboratively and share openly. A house with no front or back; a house where chefs are servers, and serving is about creating dialogue. A menu that moves with the seasons; a menu designed to illustrate the diversity of a dish and highlight how one ingredient can be presented in a variety of ways. Taking the unusual and making it enjoyable. Taking the rustic and making it unforgettable.

From the Trikalinos Bottarga, to locally-grown Midwestern produce, Schwa is a place to experience food as art.

Michael Carlson is the 35 year old Chef/Proprietor of Schwa Restaurant in Chicago. His favorite movie is “Nightmare Before Christmas” and he listens to: Slayer, Atmosphere, Lily singing “Peter Cottontail”.

His artful approach features presenting a diverse arsenal of ingredients. His inspiration for Trikalinos Bottarga is a pairing with chocolate and polenta.