A very special day for honoring both Greece and Trikalinos Company, was the beginning of Hannah Collins’ photographic exhibition , about “Fragile Feast”.

With the pictures of azure Greek sky, the ancient rock of Acropolis and the flagship product of our country -Trikalinos Bottarga-  in the packed hall,  the doors of the exhibition “The Fragile Feast, Routes to Ferran Adria” were open to welcome the public of Barcelona.

The exhibition, which will be hosted in Fundacio Sunol until the 1st of September, is dedicated to the 30 best and most healthy ingredients, which the leading Chef Ferran Adria has selected to create some of the finest dishes, at EL BULLI restaurant .

Describing the tracks from the natural environment, the origin and the production process of these unique ingredients, the report is a historical document and a narration of the people and connections that arise between them, starting with the products themselves.

Ferran Adria – particularly happy to his meeting with Zafiris Trikalinos- did not hide his admiration and appreciation to him and  Trikalinos Bottarga, which he adores.

” Mr. Trikalinos, your bottarga is a great product! We need to spread it to the world, like the Spanish Jamon. If  products like yours did not exist, we would not be able to create! “, said the exceptional Chef and instinctively put Trikalinos Bottarga in his heart, to be photographed together.

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