e-bannerespa EΤΠΑ

March 2014

From shallow waters of the salt pans in Etoliko Lagoon. Created with million years experience, by Nature. Kissed by the gentle sea breeze that runs the surface of Salinas. Evaporated by the tireless Greek sun… …we proudly present you Τrikalinos SEA SALTΑπό τα ρηχά νερά των αλυκών της Λιμνοθάλασσας Αιτωλικού. Δημιουργείται με εμπειρία χιλιετιών, από τη Φύση. Με τα φιλι

What is this? Trikalinos SEA SALT is a pure taste crystal salt that is harvested from traditional salt pans along the famous “Salinas” in Etoliko – Mesolonghi Lagoon, in Greece. What makes Trikalinos SEA SALT so special? Trikalinos SEA SALT is slightly moist yet crunchy. It retains the natural flavors and nutrients of the sea. […]